Friday, July 27, 2012

Fall Buffet Choices

Hello! Here are all of the projects that will be available to make at my Fall Buffets on Saturday, August 25th and Friday, September 28th. If you plan to attend, please look at the choices below, choose the projects that you would like to make, and email me at

Don't forget...
*In your email, please give me the names of the projects that you would like to make along with how many you wish to make of each.

*There is a minimum of ten projects per attendee, but there is no maximum.

*You can make five free projects by bringing a friend who has never attended any of my events.

*The RSVP deadline for the August buffet is Wednesday, August 8th. The RSVP deadline for the September buffet is Tuesday, September 11th.

#1- Frightening Feline

For more details, click here

#2 Jar of Flowers

For more details, click here

#3 Gratitude

For more details, click here

#4 Halloween

For more details, click here

#5 Leaves 

For more details, click here

#6 Medallion Thank You

For more details, click here

#7 Frankenstein Treat Holder

This guy is pretty big and would hold one (or maybe even two) larger candy bars or a large bag of m&m's or Skittles. For more details, click here

#8 Pumpkin Treat Holder
This small pumpkin will hold approximately three Hershey's nuggets or kisses.
It would be great for a small class Halloween treat or a Thanksgiving treat.
For more details, click here.

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